Nitrogen generation packages

Membrane & PSA nitrogen generators for onshore and offshore use

Nitrogen is an indispensable substance in the oil fields, applied to prevent the ingress of oxygen in tanks or to clean piping before natural gas is allowed in. Due to its versatility, it's also used in fire protection systems, food packaging and pharmaceutical industries, to name a few applications.

Nitrogen can easily be taken from the air, rendering on-site nitrogen generation highly economical and convenient – especially when used offshore. Furthermore, it's safe in use due to the chemically inert nature of the gas.

We offer two types of nitrogen generators: a membrane and a PSA nitrogen generation package. Both processes are commonly used, onshore and offshore, in the oil and gas industry. The PSA technique was developed in the mid-80s, and Hadetec has been involved from the very beginning. 

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Tailored to meet your demands

Our nitrogen generators are built to meet your needs. Piping, materials, dimensions and bottle rack specs:  everything is custom made or augmented for optimal operation.

We set high quality standards and comply with international regulations. Moreover, we deliver in accordance with the certifications of your choice, including ASME, ATEX and DNV. 

N2 PSA generation package

PSA stands for Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA). In this process, ambient air is blown into a carbon molecular sieve. Oxygen is caught, but nitrogen passes through, thus separating the gases to generate nitrogen.

Typically, the PSA process results in a nitrogen purity of up to 99.995%.

We design the PSA nitrogen generator to meet your specifications. These may include ambient conditions and required nitrogen purity, cost of electricity and location-specific criteria.

N2 membrane generation package

Oxygen and water vapour permeate more rapidly through a hollow-fibre membrane than nitrogen. Our N2 membrane generation package uses this process to separate the gases, generating nitrogen from ambient air.

The membrane process was developed more recently than PSA but is more basic in design. It's easy to use and maintain. The application range is typically up to a purity level of 99.9% N2.

We design the nitrogen membrane based on your input figures. These may include ambient temperature and humidity, nitrogen delivery pressure and purity requirements.

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