For EPC and stand-alone projects

Within Rootselaar Group, Hadetec acts as the prime contractor. Sometimes we work with external partners. At other times, we are in the lead. The products we develop are all custom-designed, ranging from nitrogen generators and adsorption dryers to integrated systems.

A wide array of engineering expertise

Hadetec harnesses a wide range of expertise:

  • We have a high level of know-how in the field of process design for nitrogen production, gas purification and separation processes.
  • Knowledge of process technology and apt use of 3D Solid Works software enables us to create and optimise product designs. 
  • Mechanical engineering expertise allows us to make informed decisions about the type of materials, the piping and the creation of skids and packages. 
  • Electrical engineering expertise provides us with the skills to develop instrumentation, control panels and other electrical circuitry. 
  • And finally, we can write PLC programmes for control panels and the like.

Intrinsically driven to increase our knowledge and improve our skills, we keep a keen eye on new developments. Moreover, we work closely with Rootselaar Group members and external partners. These collaborations enable us to learn from each other, exchange expertise and tap into specific skills, including cryogenics and specialised, x-ray tested welding techniques. The result: high-quality products tailored to meet your demands.

(EPC) Project management

We also take on project management for integrated systems involving Tankbouw Rootselaar or Cryovat products. A dedicated project manager is assigned to each project, keeping you in the loop at all times. Furthermore, we handpick the project team for each project to ensure optimal quality and efficiency. Among our specialisations are:

  • Air and other gas drying optimisation
  • Nitrogen and oxygen production
  • Onshore and offshore requirements and applications
  • Nitrogen bottle racks
  • Liquid gas storage and vaporiser processes

In addition, we collaborate with other companies, designing and delivering components or skid mounted packages. Furthermore, our Quality Assurance system enables us to handle all major EPC projects. We invite you to contact us for more information.

Compliance with international codes and certifications

We use both commonly available software and computer programmes written by our professionals. In both instances, the end result is a product that is compliant with the code or certification of your choice.

More information

Do you have any questions about our engineering expertise or certification procedures? Feel free to contact us at any time. 

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Hadetec is an engineering company: we translate customer requirements into non-standard process equipment. Read how the production facilities within Rootselaar Group lead to appealing efficiency benefits.

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